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8 Photo Ideas for New Parents

One of the true joys of being a father is the opportunity to capture the perfect moment in a photo.  Before our daughter Abby was born, I was determined to get a new digital SLR camera that would last for many years and capture moments throughout her childhood.  So far I’ve captured several pictures that I just love, and there are so many more that I look forward to taking as time goes on.  Below is a listing of 8 photo ideas for new parents.

8 Baby Photo Ideas

The first family photo

A great place to start this list.  Let the doctor or nurse snap the first photo of the new family soon after the birth.   A great photo for the start of a photo album.

One Photo with every family member and your baby

Maybe I went a little overboard, but every single person who held my daughter is in a picture with her.  I can’t wait to go through a photo album with her and talk about everyone who met her and how I know them or how she is related to them.

Favorite Sporting Team Baby Photo

My family bleeds blue for the Kentucky Wildcats. We have pictures from the hospital with the Kentucky game on TV in the background. And one of the first outfits she wore was her “UK Fan Since Birth” onesie. Any opportunity she has to wear her Kentucky gear is photographed. My ultimate plan is to put a collage of pictures together with her UK outfits and frame them with the Bible verse Proverbs 22:6 which reads “Start children off on the way they should go, and even when they are old they will not turn from it.” I think many parents would enjoy doing this, whatever their team(s) may be.  

Generational photos with your baby

We are so very fortunate to have pictures with 4 generations of family members after Abby was born.  We lined up from great-grandma to Abby for the ladies, and from great-granddaddy to Abby in another picture.  Those pictures are priceless to me, and I hope Abby will come to love them too.

Like Father Like Son (or Like mother like daughter)

What I mean by this is trying to capture similar pictures to those that your parents had after you were born.  There is a photo of my dad holding me in his left arm and looking down at me.  So one of the first pictures we got after coming home from the hospital was of me holding my daughter in my left arm.  It will make a great side-by-side picture for your home.

  Baby in a bowl (or something he or she will never be able to fit into again)

One day we wanted to weigh our daughter as it seemed like she gained a couple pounds.  So we decided to place her in a large mixing bowl and weigh her on the kitchen scale.  It made for a great picture.  We’ve also placed her in an oversized teacup for some pictures.  So find something or someplace cute that your baby won’t be able to fit into for very long, and capture the moment. (I wanted to do one of her in a mailbox, but since we have a metal mailbox it didn’t seem wise at all.  So just be smart about where your photo is taken.

Lookalike photos – Matching Baby Outfits

If you’re fortunate enough to have friends who also have babies around the same time as your little one, find them matching outfits and photograph together.  We were able to find matching 3 & 6 month outfits for our daughter and our friends’ daughter and the pictures were adorable.

Baby Photos with Props

Babies are adorable enough on their own, but it can be fun to use props in the pictures,
 both for size perspective and a little added fun.  Some of the props we’ve used are stuffed animals, computers, cell-phones, a Wii controller, and the remote control to name a few.  And by incorporating technology into the pictures, it will be great to look back on them in 5, 10, 20 years as the technology will certainly evolve to where some of these items seem archaic at best.  Other possible props are cereal boxes, books, soda bottles, whatever you’d like (as long as it’s safe…baby’s first steak-knife photo will get you arrested).
Photo ideas will continue to come to mind as our daughter grows, but hopefully you’ve found something in here you can do with your little one.  And I’d love to hear some of your creative ideas for photos, so leave a comment with your ideas.
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