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Making Your Own Baby Food

After having a few friends make baby food, I thought I’d try it and see how hard it was.  I bought a couple of used books on Amazon, asked some questions of friends, and got started.  I didn’t realize how easy it would be.  I knew it would save money, but I didn’t realize how much!  I also didn’t realize how much water and other unnecessary ingredients are in jarred baby food, especially the well-known Gerber.  I made the decision to buy organic food, even though my husband and I don’t eat organic, because I felt like with such a little body, the pesticides and other hormones would affect her body greater.  Jarred organic baby food is very expensive.  But making the organic food at home is even cheaper than non-organic jars of baby food. 


Making Your Own Baby Food Is Not As Time Consuming As You May Think

apples baby food prep for ice cube trays storageMany people think that making your own baby food will just take too much time.  I am a full-time elementary school teacher and am exhausted when I get home.  On the weekends though, while my daughter is napping or my husband is getting special father-daughter bonding time, I spend some time making my daughter’s food.  I can usually just do it every two or three weeks, depending on how much I do.  Plus, it’s not like I am standing there next to the cooking food the entire time.  I get the food prepped and cooking, then I can leave it for a while.  It just takes the time to puree or chop it and get it into the trays. 

Your Baby Food Won’t Be Watered Down

If you look at the ingredients in any jarred baby food, you notice that one of the main ingredients is water.  In most foods, very little water actually needs to be added to make it a good consistency for your baby.  Some foods like sweet potatoes are so thick that you may need to add some water, especially for a young baby, but almost all fruits need no water added.  You can always puree it first and then add water if needed, since all babies are different with the consistencies they need anyway.

You Don’t Need a Fancy Baby Food Processor

There are many products out there that “make” baby food.  They are just mini food processors with special containers.  Although I’m sure they’re great, I already had a Cuisinart Food Processor and ice-cube trays and that is all I needed.  It actually allows me to make more food at once and makes the process take less time (plus it was something else I didn’t have to buy!).  Other than the food processor (any will work), you need ice-cube trays, and freezer bags. 

Buy In Bulk, Prepare, and Freeze Your Baby Food

I usually spend a few hours a weekend every other week or so.  I buy things that are on sale, make them in bulk, and store them in the freezer until they’re gone.  Most foods can be stored for a month or two in a freezer bag.  When my daughter first started eating solid foods, I started with one food and thpears baby food ice cube trayat was all she ate for a week so we could easily watch for possible allergies.  She ate just a half of a food cube (cube from an ice-cube tray) a day and gradually moved up to eating a whole one, then two, three, etc. 

For most foods, the process is generally the same, but read my up-coming posts to find out about some specific foods and how they can best be made.  If you have any questions about certain foods and what suggestions I may have, please feel free to comment and ask!  I’d love to help others save money and make healthier food for their babies!


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7 Responses to “Making Your Own Baby Food”

  1. Lauren Ross says:

    Check back soon for more articles as I talk specifically about apples, pears, tomatoes, chicken, beef, bananas and more! Thanks!

  2. Nikki Delgado says:

    I have a 4 1/2 month old that we just started on cereal. I am getting excited to get her on solids but want to make it myself and see what others have done and useful tips. I’m looking forward to you next articles about the fruits and meats.

  3. Rita says:

    Great article! My daughter is approaching this stage and I have been searching for one like this. I also Love how I’ll be able to ask your advice. Thanks!

  4. Lauren Ross says:

    Thank you! Just posted about apples and more will come soon. Let me know if you have any questions or want me to write about certain foods!

  5. shelby says:

    Thanks for sharing. My son is 4 1/2 months and I am wanting to start him on baby food next week. I am ALSO a school teacher and have been wondering if making it myself would be too time consuming. I look forward to more posts from you :)

  6. Jenn says:

    I’m looking to make my own baby food. However, I do not have a food processor. Any suggestions on which brand is the best?


    • Lauren Ross says:

      Great question! We got a Quisinart for our wedding a few years ago and have absolutely loved it! It is by best suggestion. It has the attachment to slice things like carrots and sweet potatoes and an attachment to shred things like cheese. And then of course its main use is for processing things into tiny pieces or pureeing. We use it for making baby food but also for so many other things like homemade salsa! They are more expensive than others but I know they last a long time – my mom has had hers for decades and it still runs great! For making baby food I would really suggest the 7 cup one as opposed to the mini ones so you can make it in big batches. Here is a link to the post where we wrote about it being one of the most needed baby items: If you click on the picture of the Cuisinart it will take you right to amazon which I think has the cheapest price! Good luck and please let me know if you have any other questions!


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