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Paper Chain Countdown for Kids

Like most kids, our daughter was getting excited to go to the beach and didn’t understand how far away it really was.  We tried to avoid telling her for as long as possible, but at some point, it just happened.  About a week away from our trip, I remembered something my family did before Christmas each year when I was a child, so I replicated it with our daughter.



First, I had her draw a picture.  I told her to draw a picture of the beach.  Of course with a 2 year old, this is how it came out:

Paper chain countdown for kids 1Paper chain countdown for kids 2






Then, I cut it into strips for the number of days until we left.

 Paper chain countdown for kids cut paper


When they were cut apart, I taped them together, making rings that were attached.

 Paper chain countdown for kids 4


Paper chain countdown for kids complete

Each day, we tore one off to represent that we were one day closer to going.

 Paper chain countdown for kids ripping

 Paper chain countdown for kids ripped

Even though our daughter is two and doesn’t really understand time, this helped her understand that as the chain got shorter, we were closer to the day that we were leaving for the beach.  She loved it!


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