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Halloween With a Nut Allergy

As a parent of a daughter with a bad nut allergy, we put together some graphics to help parents know the nut-free candies and those that might be unsafe.

10 Things This Parent WILL Miss when the World Ends Friday

As a follow-up to my post on "10 things I WONT miss when the world ends," I'll be a little more serious with the ten things I WILL miss if the world ends this Friday. While I do not believe the world is actually going to end, it never hurts to stop and think about what makes parenting so special and the things I would miss as the world is destroyed.

10 Things This Parent WON’T Miss When the World Ends Friday

Welp, this is apparently the last week we have before the world ends (or before the next big event that will lead to massive destruction, something like that. Just ask a Mayan). So I’ve decided to look for that silver lining and enjoy the positive side to this impending mega-disaster, and list out the ten things that I will not miss from my parenting life.

Baby Sign Language Tips for Ordinary Parents

When I was pregnant with my daughter, I read a lot about teaching sign language to your baby in order to help them communicate. Until I researched it, I thought that it could be a bad thing because it would prevent her from learning to say the words and she would be less vocal, but everything I found said the opposite. Research shows that children will have a higher vocabulary and will speak earlier when they learn sign language. So I decided I would teach it to my daughter.

Social Media For Parents: Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.

What's been really interesting is to watch how facebook posts have changed from students complaining about professors and exams, to parents bragging on our children and posting family picture albums for all to see. And since I've started blogging I've also gotten involved with Twitter @OrdinaryParent and Pinterest. After blogging and using these sites for the first year of my parenthood, I've come up with my interpretations of how parents use these sites. I'm definitely making fun of myself in these, so if you take offense then please lighten up. As a parent on Facebook i've been defriended by some acquaintences who could care less about my parenting tales, and that's okay. My daughter and my family are much more important. :)
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