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Fun Ultrasound Photoshop Ideas

 When my wife and I went to the doctor for the ultrasound that would let us know if we were having a boy or a girl, we looked forward to the surprise.  I remember the ultrasound tech telling us we would have a girl, and taking several different snapshots of our daughter.   Aside from the joys of sharing that news with our family and friends, I also had some photoshop-fun with the pictures they provided us. 

Some of My Own Ultrasound Photo Ideas

I had no plans of this originally.  I had updated my computer desktop imaphotoshop ultrasound santa hat babyge to her ultrasound profile, but had several co-workers stop by and ask if we were having a boy or a girl.  Since the side profile didn’t really provide that (and since I wasn’t going to show the angle where the ultrasound tech said “See, it’s a girl”), I decided I needed to add something to make it obvious.  So my very first edit was to add a pink bow to my daughter’s head.   And the questions over boy or girl quickly ended (except for 1 oblivious person).   After receiving kudos for the bow I decided to make a new pic.  Since it was the holiday season I settled on a pink santa hat. 

Then, the day after Christmas I made the update to a “Happy New Year” tiara.  I simply googled the items I thought would be fun to add to her ultrasound pic, made a few cuts and fit the items appropriately on the image.

photoshop ultrasound new years baby I kept the New Year picture through most of January, and then updated again with the valentine’s hat you see here.   Each new change was reflected on my computer desktop, and other folks in my office took note and mentioned how they were going to recommend it to people they new who were expecting.

 photoshop ultrasound valentine babyThe last ultrasound edit I made was following Valentine’s day.  Since most of my previous edits were seasonal, I had trouble initially thinking of a new theme.  But it came to me when watching a Kentucky Wildcat’s game.  I saw a woman with a pink UK hat, and quickly made a new picture.   This one was a little tricky since the side profile of a hat won’t show the entire logo I wanted to show.  So I had to search for a while to find a hat that was angled enough to show the entire “UK” symbol, but not quite angled too much to make it look like my daughter was a thug.

I would encourage other parents and expectant parents to think of making similar edits to their ultrasound pictures.  I’ve provided a few of my own examples, but there are so many possibilities.  You can use blue items for boys, pink for girls, or keep them gender neutral.  Keep in mind the following themes that Photoshop ultrasound sport UK Hat Babyyou can use for your child(ren):

Seasonal – holidays, seasons, special events.

Sports – your favorite team logos on hats, shirts, pennants, etc).

Cute Outfits – Again, using colors to identify gender or keeping gender neutral.

Text and Quotes – Adding the baby’s name, quotes, or messages from/to baby, or thought clouds.

Oddball edits – adding props and other items that really wouldn’t be associated with a baby like a tech gadgets, a jetpack, coke bottle…just be creative.

 If you have done something like this before, or have a good idea, share your idea below.

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  1. Bonnie Richardson says:

    i loved this idea and think i am going to give it a try


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