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Pregnancy Announcement Ideas

For a while my wife and I have been thinking about doing a post like this and we finally got around to it.  We’ve seen lots of ideas on Pinterest and around the web.  A simple search will yield some of the most popular pregnancy announcement ideas.  So we made it a challenge to come up with some original ideas as well as to replicate some you may have seen before.  Please enjoy the following picture ideas for announcing your own pregnancy.


Peas in a Pod Pregnancy Announcement Idea

I’ve not looked, but I think this one is unique. While working on other ideas I thought about the “peas in a pod” saying. So I googled some images of peas and finally found the following: I wish i could give credit to the correct person, but this source image is found on hundreds of sites, so I’m only showing the specific site I found it. I cropped the image to only show 4 peas as it can represent a family growing to 4. Our last name is 4 letters, so I decided to add that to the peas. I also added the caption to the bottom. This could be a great card to send out, post o FB, etc.annother pea in the pod pregnancy announcement idea


Get Siblings Involved

We liked the idea of a big sister shirt, and our daughter loved being able to read her new shirt to all her friends and family.

big sister or brother sibling shirt pregnancy announcement idea

Fortune Cookie Pregnancy Announcement Idea

We have this customized for telling the grandparents, but you can make one with whatever message you want.  I used an image I found at the site and used basic editing software to add my own message.  Or if you want the actual cookies, check out the site like

custom fortune cookie pregnancy announcement idea


It’s a ??? Cigar Pregnancy Announcement Idea

For the dads out there, perhaps you’d like the announcement to not be as feminine.  Well, how about using the classic “It’s a boy” or “It’s a girl” cigars in your announcement?  For this one I incorporated our daughter’s birth month and then mixed pink and blue for a baby to come.

Its a baby cigar pregnancy announcement1

Cigar pregnancy announcement idea #2

Slightly modified from above, you could do this to announce the first pregnancy alone, or modify however you choose.its a baby announcement cigar

Reading Pregnancy Book Announcement idea

You can decide who you want to be reading a book.  I’ve seen it with the mom, dad, siblings, and pets.  For us, we decided to put our daughter in the picture and managed to capture this adorable pic.  You could also use a printed copy of something like this as gifts to grandparents and wait to see how long it takes them to figure it out. :)

sibling reading pregnancy book announcement idea

Reading New Baby/Sibling Book Announcement Idea

Similar to the above, but rather than about pregnancy it’s about a new baby in the family.  This one is definitely intended for siblings to be a part of.

sibling reading book about new baby pregnancy announcement idea


Seasonal Pregnancy Announcement Ideas

The following ideas won’t work for everyone, but if announcing in the fall you can consider using these pumpkin ideas.  I’ve seen lots of various seasonal announcements, but pumpkins are what we decided upon.  In this example I labeled each pumpkin with the name, and notice the smallest is “TBD” for a name not yet decided.   TBD Pumpkin pregancy announcement idea


We also wanted to use the metaphor of pumpkin patch to a family, and came up with the following pic.  Similar to the “Peas in a pod” image above, this one has a brief message along with the expected birth month.

adding pumpkin to our patch pregnancy announcement

Bun in the Oven Pregnancy Announcement Idea

I’ve seen a ton of variations on this, so we decided to mix it up.  We got our daughter to put on her apron and hold an empty pan in front of the empty oven.  Miraculously we got the BEST expression out of her and were able to add the caption you see below.  We think it’s perfect, but you decide what works best for you.

bun in the oven pregnancy announcement idea

Somebody is Prego Pregnancy Announcement Idea

Again, we’ve seen this done before.  Our variation was to add the call-out symbol to the image with “Somebody is” text.  I blurred the edges so the focus would be on “Prego” as well.  Any significance to the alfredo version??? No, just not fans of the red sauces.

Somebody is prego pregnancy announcement idea

Bump Ahead Pregancy Announcement Idea

A very popular option and one we also wanted to participate in.  But if you haven’t figured it out, there are not a lot of “Bump Ahead” signs around, so what can you do?  Well, the below was my attempt at “photo-shopping” with software called SnagIt.  I brought in images of the “Bump ahead” sign as well as the pole it’s sitting on.  Neither are actually at this location.  I was also able to edit out the stop sign in the background, as that might send a mixed message :).  So even if there’s not an actual sign around, see what you can do with a little bit of photo editing. A help from national debtline for clearing our debts.

For those who haven’t figured it out already, we’re expecting baby number two.  If only we had a way to tell people…

bump ahead pregnancy announcment idea

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4 Responses to “Pregnancy Announcement Ideas”

  1. Paul Sandman says:

    Well done Lauren, Jason, and Abby! And congratulations to all!

  2. Ryan says:

    You have impeccable timing… :-)

  3. Dede says:

    Awesome blog! And congrats to all!

  4. So happy and excited for all of you!!


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