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10 More Must Have Baby Items

A couple of months have passed since I first posted about 10 Must Have Baby Items and I felt it was time to add to the list.  As my daughter has grown, so has the list of essential baby items.  Any parent knows that narrowing down a list of essentials to only 10 items is pretty much impossible.  So here are ten more must have baby items that make life so much easier for my me and my wife.  You can click on any of the images to find them on sale at Amazon, probably cheaper than what you’ll find in a local store. 


more must have baby items

Must Have Baby Item #11: Bottle Warmer

I’m fortunate that my wife researched all types of bottle warmers, and the type we settled on had great reviews.  We’ve been very pleased with it for the last 10 months, and have had no issues with it.  One of the great things is that you don’t have to measure how much water to put in or set a timer.  The warmer knows how long to heat the bottle based on the 4 easy setting you select.  You can select the contents of what you’re warming (breast milk, baby food jar, formula) the type of bottle, the starting temperature of the milk (frozen, fridge, or room temp.) and the amount of milk you’re warming.  And it saves your preferences from the last warm, so you don’t have to change it every time.  We’ve been very pleased, and I’m sure you would be, too.

Must Have Baby Item #12: Travel System/Stroller

I actually recommend a couple of strollers for parents.  The first being a good travel system.  I realize it’s not in every parent’s budget, and we were fortunate to receive one at a baby shower as a combined gift from several friends. The travel system allows you to travel a little easier and run long errands with the ability to store everything you might need for your outing.  They also fare well on rougher terrain (walking trails, grass) as you can lock the wheels so they don’t rotate around with each new bump.

But I also recommend a lighter weight stroller for the quicker trips and for when your child gets older.  Smaller strollers that can pack up into your car without much hassle are very nice to have.  So whether it’s an umbrella stroller or something slightly stronger, it’s a must-have.

Must Have Baby Item #13: Fireplace Guard

Obviously, not everyone needs this (and if not there’s a bonus must-have item at the bottom of this list just for you), but if you have a stone/brick hearth in your home, I think this is a must.  We have a brick fireplace with nice rough, hard edges, capable of inflicting a nice wound if a baby were to fall on it, or easily capable of ripping out those teeth when your baby decides to go chew on it.  These guards offer a cushion for falls and a better surface for teething than brick. I’m not recommending you let your child chew on them, but it’s probably gonna happen.

Must Have Baby Item #14: Child Safety Locks

This should go without saying, but when your child starts to move around you need to get your house protected.  Cabinet locks, drawer locks, door locks, appliance locks, outlet covers…there are a lot to choose from.  Depending on your circumstances and your home you can decide which locks are appropriate for you, but you don’t want your child finding the bottle of Draino or the knife drawer without some level of security.  Just remember that child safety locks are no substitute for attentive parents.

Search Child Safety Locks

Must Have Baby Item #15: Jumper

As our daughter got older and was able to hold her self up better, a jumper soon became one of her favorite places to be. The toys on the jumper provide some entertainment, but the ability to jump and move around seemed to please our daughter the most.  It may not be the type of Jumper I describe in my article on Innovative Ways to Get Dads More Involved, but that’s okay.  A good jumper was a must for us.

Must Have Baby Item #16: Baby Bath Tub

The tub we got was a 3 part tub.  It had a base so that it could sit up higher in the tub if needed.  Of course it had the tub part, and it also came with a bath seat for those first several months where they can’t sit-up on their own.  This really made bath time easier for us, and I don’t know how else we would have done it.  So whether you decide to get a similar 3-piece tub, or one like the one pictured here, I strongly recommend a good baby tub.

Must Have Baby Item #17: High Chair

My grandparents got us a great Chicco high chair (pictured here, we just have a different color).  It folds up relatively flat for both storage and transportation, it has a removable tray top so it’s easy to wash after the messy feedings, and is adjustable in a variety of ways.  The back can fold down and we’ve used that feature when out daughter needed to finish a bottle.  The foot rest height can be adjusted as needed, and the tray can be moved closer or farther away from your baby.   Also, the rollers on the bottom make it easy to push off to the side of our kitchen when we aren’t using it.

Must Have Baby Item #18: Cuisinart Food Processor

Okay, it doesn’t need to be a Cuisinart, but we’ve never had an issue with ours and they are probably the best food processors out there.  But I have this on my list because my wife and I (mostly my wife) make our own baby food.  From the time our daughter was old enough for solid food we’ve used the Cuisinart to get the food to the right consistency.  Making our own food has saved a good amount of money, and it really isn’t that hard.  If you are interested in making your own baby food, make sure you have a good food processor to make the job a little easier.

Must Have Baby Item #19: Tommee Tippee Bibs

We didn’t need these until our daughter started on solid food, but they sure do save a big mess.  There might be other brands that are similar, but we have these specifically.  They are made of rubber so they clean up very easily and they have adjustable neck sizes.  They are BPA free and even dishwasher safe.  But the main feature is the “crumb catcher” at the bottom.  It won’t take too many feedings to realize the benefit of having the catcher at the bottom.  Our daughter drops a good amount of food when she tries to feed herself, and sometimes we’ll cause a spill.  These bibs catch it all, saving countless shirts and pants from food stains.

Must Have Baby Item #20: Pack ‘N Play

If you’re gonna be traveling, or need a play-pen once your baby is mobile, then you have to get a Pack ‘N Play.  I have to admit it took me a while to master the art of setting up and packing up the Pack ‘N Play, but now I’m a pro.  It packs up very nicely for easy transportation, and can serve as a play pen when you need to get something done around the house and can’t leave your baby mobile in the house.  And when you travel you have a place for those afternoon naps wherever you may be.


And I couldn’t stop the list at ten this time around, so I’ve added one more below.

Bonus Must Have Baby Item: High Chair and Grocery Cart Cover

This just offers a certain level of comfort when you take your child out to the store or out to eat.  We’ve taken ours everywhere that our daughter would need to sit on her own for a bit.  We also have the sanitation wipes to clean up any surface she may want to touch or chew on, but this makes it easier.  And it has loops built in so that you can attach a variety of toys to the cover.  The toys not only keep her entertained, but since they are attached, she can’t throw them out of the cart or chair on to the floor.



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  1. Linda Ross says:

    I can testify that they have done a GREAT job processing their own baby food. I’ve been amazed how organized they’ve been. Might want to add ice cube trays with the food processor because they are great for freezing the food in small portions. Actually when the author of this blog site was born I had a good size garden and made a lot of his food myself and put it in ice cube trays. Then when its frozen pop out the cubes of food into a freezer storage container to make storing the food more compact.


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