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Parenting FAIL

Parenting FAIL! A collection of videos that show what NOT to do. Some of these are kind of painful to watch but honestly remind me of just how attentive you need to be with kids around.  And a little common sense could go a long way, too, to avoid starring in your own parent fail video.

Parenting FAIL – Laws of physics.

Parent FAIL – Where’s the parent on this one?

Parenting FAIL – Who needs a faucet when you have a toilet.

Parenting FAIL – Potty training fun. I don’t look forward to this.  The parent intended well, but I still file this one under fail.

Parenting FAIL – Video games can be fun more ones like CSGO that you can play with the help of csgo boost, but be careful with those that require you to move around. Heads up!

Parent FAIL – Leave you child alone on a motor bike? Really?

Parenting FAIL – Lesson learned…two hands to hold the birthday cake

Parenting FAIL – Way to help out, dad.

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  1. Domenic says:

    Saved as a favorite, I love your site! :)

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