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Making Your Own Baby Food – Beef

The second meat I gave my daughter was beef. I tried out a couple of meats, but settled with ground beef for long term. It needed to be very tender for her little gums to eat and I didn’t want to be spending the money on filets! There were fewer options for organic meats and of course they were so expensive, so with trying to save money but keep the health of my child at the top of my list of importance,... Read More »

A Father’s Perspective on Having Triplets

What is a column from a dad of triplets doing on a site titled “Ordinary Parent?” Well, it is because in a lot of ways I’m no different than any other parent. I’m aware that the mere idea of triplets scares a lot of people, even parents who raised four or even five kids of their own. People let us know that every time we leave the house. Or as @arweneliza recently tweeted to me: “Just the thought of triplets is... Read More »

20 Great Pregnancy Photo Ideas

I vividly remember the moment my wife walked up to me with her positive pregnancy test. It was a wonderful, wonderful day! It was also the beginning of this parenting journey I'm trying to capture on Along that journey we took lots of pictures during the pregnancy (including weekly side profile pics at the same spot in our house), and even more after our daughter was born. But the pregnancy seemed to fly by (for me at least, my wife... Read More »

A Parent’s Definition Of Parenting

A little while back I asked our Facebook fans and Twitter followers to provide me with their own definition of parenting. I was looking to see how other parents define their role in the life of their child(ren). As a relatively new parent myself, I find it interesting to see what people come up with when you ask them this question. Several of you responded with your definition and I’ve posted most of the responses below.... Read More »

Making Your Own Baby Food – Eggs

Yes, you’re right, a baby isn’t supposed to have egg whites until they’re a year old due to potential allergies, but egg yolks are a great source of nutrition for your baby! They have omega-3 fatty acids, helping your child’s brain development, as well as a good amount of iron. Some claim it is one of the best foods you can give your child. I gave my daughter an egg yolk every other day from when she was about 7 months old.... Read More »

Creative Baby Shower Food Ideas

Not too long ago I was on Pinterest and saw a very creative idea for a baby shower. Somone had carved a watermelon to mimic a bassinet with a bay inside (one of the pictures below). That got me thinking about what other creative ideas for baby shower food might be out there. So after lots of searching I've compiled a list of some of the most creative baby shower food ideas, and food art, the web has to offer. Enjoy!... Read More »

Making Your Own Baby Food – Chicken

When my daughter was first old enough to eat meat, I started with chicken. It was one of the healthier meats and I thought it would be one of the easier ones to start with (plus it’s bland and she would be more likely to eat it). There are a few ways to cook it but I felt that poaching, although it gets rid of a few nutrients, would be the easiest way to make it a good texture for my... Read More »

7 Benefits of Reading to Your Children

As a parent you probably know that you should be reading to your children. Reading is a skill that we all use often in our lives, and being good at it is a great advantage. However, you might not know just how important reading to you children is. I have provided seven ways that reading to your children benefits them. The earlier you start reading to your children, the better chance you have of getting them hooked early so that they... Read More »

Making Your Own Baby Food – Bananas

Bananas are one of the easiest foods to prepare for your baby and a food they often love the most. It is one of the first foods they can eat as well! Your baby should be at least 4 months old according to Super Baby Food by Ruth Yaron, and it is a great place for parents to get started if they are thinking of making their own baby food.... Read More »

The Things We Do to Our Babies

My wife and I were anxiously awaiting our daughter's first big snow, thinking about all the fun she would have. She had her own cute snow suit, we had a camera to capture the moment, and just knew it was going to be an exciting new adventure for her. ... Read More »
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