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Top Ten Books for Your Baby

Reading is so important to the development of a child. It is a great time to spend time with your child as they are learning new things. Starting the habit early is always a great and easy way to prepare them for school too! There are so many good books out there that it was really almost impossible to choose 10, but I just chose the ones that my daughter chose to read the most in her first year and a half of life. I’m sure you could add many to this list and we would love if you would comment with your child’s favorites. Also, check out our other post on 7 Benefits to Reading to your Child.

10 More Must Have Baby Items

A couple months have passed since I first post about 10 Must Have Baby Items and I felt it was time to add to the list. As my daughter has grown, so has the list of essential baby items. Any parent knows that narrowing down a list of esentials to only 10 items is pretty much impossible. So here are ten more baby items that make life so much easier for my me and my wife.

10 Must-Have Baby Items

Here are some of the must-have baby items that I think all new parents will love. So to all the new parents, and to those preparing for parenthood, please take note of these. From play mats to cameras, these are the first ten things I know to recommend.
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