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My Toddler Won’t Go To Sleep

From about the age of eight weeks my little boy has been pretty good at going to sleep. Admittedly we caved and gave him a dummy so he would settle when we put him down, something we vowed we would never do, but it kept us sane and gave us an evening to ourselves. He would go down at 7pm, wake again at about 10pm for a feed and then wake again once or twice more in the night for a feed, which gradually reduced until he was sleeping through from 10pm to 6 or 7 am at about 14 weeks. After a while the 10pm feed went and then he was pretty good at sleeping. Some nights he would sleep through, some nights he would wake and need the dummy put back in (these nights we would curse ourselves for ever giving it to him) and some nights he would need proper attention because of colds, teeth or what seemed to be bad dreams. On the whole he wasn't a bad sleeper, but to date we have probably only had about three periods of him properly sleeping through. Once when he was about four months old for about 4 weeks, then when he was about six months old for 10 days and again when he was 15 months old for about 10 days. We are just entering another stretch of sleeping through now, but recently we have had some big battles. Not during the night, but for the first time since he was eight weeks old, when we have been putting him to bed.
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