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Toddler Reads Along to “Five Little Monkeys Jumping on the Bed”

While we usually try to post articles that we think will be helpful to other parents, this one is simply to bring a smile to your face (which I guess is just a different way of helping ).  Our daughter is about 2.5 years old, and very quickly picks up on her new books to the point that she is able to finish sentences in the books, or flat out recite some of the pages.  Her current favorite book is “Five...

Daughters Need 1 On 1 Time Too (part 2)

Daddy-Daughter Date Tips to Success, Favorite Daddy-Daughter Dates, and how to make the most of the time spent with your daughter. How are you supposed to do something just one on one with her? It’s actually quite simple. For fathers and their daughters, I call it a Daddy-Daughter Date. It's not a date, in the literal sense, but a date in terms of a specific time and specific activity.

Daughters Need 1 On 1 Time Too (part 1)

I'm a big believer in one on one time with kids. Yes, it's always good to stress family and togetherness, but the reality is that family make-ups are changing. Relationships are built brick by brick, one on one. We have best friends, favorite teachers, and even preferred hair stylists. As humans, we're just drawn to one on one relationships. For me, I see an enormous amount of benefit from one on one time with my daughters. By taking the time to be with them, one at a time, I can enrich our relationship and strengthen those bonds faster than years of basic cohabitation. Being that we're different genders, it's even more important. She's going to base future interactions, choices, and even relationships with males based upon my time with her.
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