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Win a Trip to the Bahamas From Shutterfly

Time for another giveaway, but this time it's not from me directly. Shutterfly is offering a trip to the Bahamas for using the link below to like them on Facebook. You simply Like them, then add a photo that corresponds to the theme for the week. I'm a big fan of Shutterfly and their products and I encourage everyone to go like their Facebook page and add a photo for a chance to win a great trip.

Social Media For Parents: Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.

What's been really interesting is to watch how facebook posts have changed from students complaining about professors and exams, to parents bragging on our children and posting family picture albums for all to see. And since I've started blogging I've also gotten involved with Twitter @OrdinaryParent and Pinterest. After blogging and using these sites for the first year of my parenthood, I've come up with my interpretations of how parents use these sites. I'm definitely making fun of myself in these, so if you take offense then please lighten up. As a parent on Facebook i've been defriended by some acquaintences who could care less about my parenting tales, and that's okay. My daughter and my family are much more important. :)
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