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Pregnancy Announcement Ideas

Great examples of classic announcement ideas mixed in with some original ideas you'll find here first. Enjoy these creative pregnancy announcement ideas!

Why You Won’t See a Parent on the Mission to Colonize Mars

I recently read an article about the non-profit company Mars One and their desire to send a team (maybe multiple teams) to a colony they will create on Mars. This article and the premise of a colony on Mars fascinated me. To think that there is an initiative underway to actually send a team to Mars, and that the team will be comprised by candidates submitting a 1 minute video is an amazing concept. While I don’t think they’re going to pick unqualified “prospective colonists” a la the blockbuster movie Armageddon and the drilling-crew astronauts, this is the first time that I’m aware an ordinary person will have a chance to go to space. And not just space, but be the first to embark to the red planet - part of a mission that has never been attempted before - part of history that to this point is unrivaled.

5 Reasons to Get Your Kids Involved in Writing Thank-You Notes

As is customary for our household, we kept a list of who gave us what gifts so that we could write thank-you notes later. But rather than just writing a nice note, we got our daughter involved in contributing to the thank-you. Would a regular thank-you note be sufficient? Absolutely! But we find it fun and important for our daughter to play a part. Even though our daughter is too young to write, she left an impression on her notes...quite literally. We got out our ink pad and let her put her "signature" on each card in the form of her hand print. I then wrote her name and dated each card. Each card was also written from her perspective. We could have just as easily let her draw on one side of the card, and use the other side for writing. Regardless of how you decide to do it, here are our reasons for getting your kids involved in writing thank-you notes (or any notes for that matter).

Best Parenting Commercial from the Big Game

While I wasn't blown away this year with the commercials from the "Big Game" (And even having to say it that way is completely ridiculous, but I digress), there was at least one highlight that parents can certainly appreciate. It came in the 4th quarter from KIA, and focused on the question that will place all parents in deer-in-the-headlights mode..."Where do babies come from?"

Parenting Tip of the Day for 2013

Lauren and I will be posting a Parenting Tip of the Day for each day this year. As our daughter approaches her second birthday, we've started to put together a list of tips we can offer other parents for getting through those first couple years of parenting. Some may also warrant more elaboration in a full blog post. We've created a new page for these tips, Parenting Tip of the Day, and encourage you to stop by each day for the new tip. Some will have a lighter side to them, but we hope all will be helpful. And if you would like to share a tip for our readers, you can either email us with your tip(s) or post them as comments on the page. Enjoy!
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