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The Things We Do to Our Babies

My wife and I were anxiously awaiting our daughter's first big snow, thinking about all the fun she would have. She had her own cute snow suit, we had a camera to capture the moment, and just knew it was going to be an exciting new adventure for her.

Parenting Demotivational Posters

A couple of weeks ago I featured a new Parenting Demotivational Poster for each weekday on the Ordinary Parent FB page . If you're not familiar with demotivators, they are inspired by Despair Inc. and poke fun of the traditional motivational posters one might see in the office. If, one day, I have an office of my own then I believe these may grace the walls. My challenge to our Facebook fans was to come up with their own captions for each parenting demotivator in place of the caption already there. (As a side note, finding "clean" or "appropriate" parenting demotivators isn't the easiest task and I do not encourage googling them without some sort of search filters). I've posted them below for our readers and will continue to add new ones as I find the or create them. I've also shared some of the captions submitted by our fans, and encourage you to post comments if you have a caption you'd also like to share. Enjoy!

Parenting FAIL

Parenting FAIL! A collection of videos that show what NOT to do. Some of these are kind of painful to watch but honestly remind me of just how attentive you need to be with kids around. And a little common sense could go a long way, too.
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