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Realistic Couponing: Couponing For Moms With Limited Time

Couponing is presented as a way to save a lot of money, but nearly every guide that explains how to do it lays out a plan that would take hours every week. These methods involve spending time tracking down coupons from several different sources, organizing them, then traveling around town to shop at a bunch of different stores. Fortunately, there is a better way to save money with coupons that takes an hour or less every week.

Children’s Consignment Sales in Louisville this Fall

I'm guest posting today over on with all of the local children's consignment sales this fall season. Back in February I posted about why parents MUST shop kids consignment sales, and I was glad to have the opportunity to share a post with all the sales. If you live in the greater Louisville Area, you need to go make a note of all the upcoming sales and save lots of money on clothes, toys, baby accessories, and anything you could ever need for your child.

Making Your Own Baby Food – Sweet Potatoes

Sweet potatoes are a fantastic first food. Babies love them and they are nutritious, with a good source of fiber and several vitamins. There are a few options for making sweet potatoes depending on the age of your child. I will walk through the steps of a few of those options. The age ranges below are approximations and not set guidelines. Some babies are ready for food earlier or need to wait longer before they're ready for finger foods. You do what your child needs.

Why New Parents Must go to Yard Sales

I'm guest posting today over on and encourage your to go check it out, along with other posts from Kristin. My guest post is about reasons I think every new parent should go to yard sales. Enjoy!

Making Your Own Baby Food – Beef

The second meat I gave my daughter was beef. I tried out a couple of meats, but settled with ground beef for long term. It needed to be very tender for her little gums to eat and I didn’t want to be spending the money on filets! There were fewer options for organic meats and of course they were so expensive, so with trying to save money but keep the health of my child at the top of my list of importance, I settled on ground beef. For suggestions on other meats that I tried and how I cooked it, just ask.
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