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5 Reasons to Get Your Kids Involved in Writing Thank-You Notes

As is customary for our household, we kept a list of who gave us what gifts so that we could write thank-you notes later. But rather than just writing a nice note, we got our daughter involved in contributing to the thank-you. Would a regular thank-you note be sufficient? Absolutely! But we find it fun and important for our daughter to play a part. Even though our daughter is too young to write, she left an impression on her notes...quite literally. We got out our ink pad and let her put her "signature" on each card in the form of her hand print. I then wrote her name and dated each card. Each card was also written from her perspective. We could have just as easily let her draw on one side of the card, and use the other side for writing. Regardless of how you decide to do it, here are our reasons for getting your kids involved in writing thank-you notes (or any notes for that matter).

A Parent’s Definition Of Parenting

A little while back I asked our Facebook fans and Twitter followers to provide me with their own definition of parenting. I was looking to see how other parents define their role in the life of their child(ren). As a relatively new parent myself, I find it interesting to see what people come up with when you ask them this question. Several of you responded with your definition and I’ve posted most of the responses below.

7 Benefits of Reading to Your Children

As a parent you probably know that you should be reading to your children. Reading is a skill that we all use often in our lives, and being good at it is a great advantage. However, you might not know just how important reading to you children is. I have provided seven ways that reading to your children benefits them. The earlier you start reading to your children, the better chance you have of getting them hooked early so that they can take advantage of all of these benefits.

Justification of a Military Dad

I have been in the Navy for the past 14 years, and I truly love what I do. I’m also a family man. Unfortunately, those two things don’t mix overly well. While there are many benefits to being a military family, there are a lot of difficulties as well. The largest and most obvious of these is that I have to leave for large stretches of time. Since our daughter was born, I have deployed 3 times. I have also went on countless underways that were too short to be considered a deployment, but long enough to take me away from my family more than I would have liked.
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