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Shop Kids Consignment Sales and Save Money

I know every city doesn’t have kids’ consignment sales and stores, but many do. If your city does, you should really take advantage of them. Most places don’t let you consign things unless they’re really clean and with how fast kids grow, most clothes don’t get worn that much. Especially when they’re babies they don’t know the difference between clothes from a consignment store and clothes from the mall, so take advantage of the cheap clothes while you can! Plus you can instill in your child at a young age that it’s okay to get things at a consignment store and you can save money throughout their childhood!

Daughters Need 1 On 1 Time Too (part 1)

I'm a big believer in one on one time with kids. Yes, it's always good to stress family and togetherness, but the reality is that family make-ups are changing. Relationships are built brick by brick, one on one. We have best friends, favorite teachers, and even preferred hair stylists. As humans, we're just drawn to one on one relationships. For me, I see an enormous amount of benefit from one on one time with my daughters. By taking the time to be with them, one at a time, I can enrich our relationship and strengthen those bonds faster than years of basic cohabitation. Being that we're different genders, it's even more important. She's going to base future interactions, choices, and even relationships with males based upon my time with her.

Single Parent…I Can’t Imagine

When I found out I would be a daddy, I can honestly say I underestimated the amount of effort it would take to take care of my baby girl. Even with the parenting classes, videos, articles, and constant barrage of parenting advice during my wife’s pregnancy, I didn’t realize how my life would change. That being said, the stresses my wife and I have faced certainly can’t compare with that of a single parent. So I’d like to count my blessings, and salute the single parents that work hard every day to raise their child.
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