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Gender Reveal For Baby #2

A couple weeks ago we shared a post about Pregnancy Announcement Ideas.  Today, we are pleased to share a gender reveal photo and videos of when we told the grandparents.  You can search the web and Pinterest and find lots of gender reveal photo/party ideas, all of which are great.  But this time, we thought we’d keep it simple.  Enjoy!   We went to each grandparent’s house and gave them a bag...

Best Parenting Commercial from the Big Game

While I wasn't blown away this year with the commercials from the "Big Game" (And even having to say it that way is completely ridiculous, but I digress), there was at least one highlight that parents can certainly appreciate. It came in the 4th quarter from KIA, and focused on the question that will place all parents in deer-in-the-headlights mode..."Where do babies come from?"

Baby Sign Language Tips for Ordinary Parents

When I was pregnant with my daughter, I read a lot about teaching sign language to your baby in order to help them communicate. Until I researched it, I thought that it could be a bad thing because it would prevent her from learning to say the words and she would be less vocal, but everything I found said the opposite. Research shows that children will have a higher vocabulary and will speak earlier when they learn sign language. So I decided I would teach it to my daughter.

Baby Meets the Family For the First Time

It was a year ago that my family welcomed little Abby into the world. It's hard to believe that a year has already passed. No matter how many times someone tells you "They grow up fast" it just doesn't do justice to the reality of how quickly the first year goes by. And in honor of Abby's first birthday, I decided to share a video that I took right after she was born when she met her family for the first time.

Record Videos…Early and Often

I’ve already posted about photo ideas for new parents in which I expressed how I truly enjoy capturing the “Kodak” moment in a photograph. And I must say that recording videos of my baby girl is just as fun and exciting as the photography for me. But unfortunately I have only taken a few videos in her first 7 months, and really wish I had taken more. With the ability to quickly upload on my computer or share on YouTube, I can easily have these videos to show her as she gets older. She won’t remember learning to roll over, taking her first bites of food, or getting in her first laughing fits. I want to be able to capture those episodes as often as I can, for our entire family and for her one day.
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