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1st Year Progressive Baby Photo and Craft Ideas

If you’ve followed our blog for any period of time you’ll know how much we love creative photo ideas.  We’ve already shared thoughts on Ultrasound Photoshop Ideas, Newborn Photo Ideas, and Pregnancy Photo Ideas. This time we’ve put together a great collection of what the web has to offer regarding progressive photo ideas for baby’s first year, linking all the ideas back to their source.  We welcome any other ideas you may have as well as links to other great examples, so please share them in the comments below.

Clothesline of Different Age Onesies – Baby wearing appropriate outfit every 3 months.

I saw this one on Pinterest and wish I knew who it was from.  I have the link Pinterest gave below, but would guess it’s part of someone’s blog somewhere (If you know who please share).  What I like is the possibility of having each of these photos in succession as your baby grows.  I think of either displaying them in line on a wall, or in a digital photo frame that cycles through.  And who say’s you need to stop at 12 months.  Why not have one every year after that on their birthday?

 clothesline 3 6 9 12 month onesie baby photo idea

Scrapbook Photo Idea with 1 picture per month

This one is courtesy of, and is a great scrapbook idea for the first 12 months.  I like that the photos across the 2 scrapbook pages give you a quick run-through of the first year.  The scrapbook I started for my daughter was fairly sequential, and I hadn’t yet thought to do a 12 month summary across 1 view of the scrapbook, but I certainly will now.

watch me grow baby progressive scrapbook idea

 Same Location and Outfit Photo Over 12 Months

This example is from Chris from over on  A couple of our friends have also done this and it’s just a fun idea, and one I regret not doing myself.  But from the first few days up through twelve months, snap a photo of your baby in the same spot (optional to do same outfit).  Then combine the photos into a collage of sorts like in this example.  One of the exciting things about this idea is seeing your baby’s personality develop, especially if you continue into year 2 or beyond.

First year baby photo idea with baby in same spot chair


12 Months of Pictures Hanging/Displayed at the First Birthday Party

Again, a few of our friends have done this where they hung a line of photos at their child’s first birthday, each one marked with the appropriate age, we even got the Phoenix jumpers and bounce houses for the party.  I found some cute tags on ETSY and that’s where this photo is from, too.  Just think draping these behind your child’s high-chair at their first birthday, and then re-using them in a scrapbook or collage.

 Daily Photos for the First Year Made into a Movie/Quick Slide Show

This one takes a serious commitment, but I think it would be worth it in the end.   The great example below is from fellow dad-blogger ‘Stay at Home Brad’ where he compiled a years worth of daily photos into one short 2.5 minute video.  I encourage you to jump over to his site and watch the video, and encourage you to try it with your child(ren).

daily photos for first year

 1st Year Baby Photo Quilt Idea

I also saw this on Pinterest but I’m unable to find the original source.   This is a great idea if you’re capable of making the quilt or know someone who can.  Its takes the progressive baby photos and uses a slightly different approach for displaying them.

1st year baby photo quilt idea

 1st Year Photo Book

A great example I came across is in the portfolio of the creative Hanna Mac.  The ‘chalkboard’ template created and available on her site is great, and would make an awesome keepsake or gift.  For the whole idea and template please visit her site.

first year baby photo book idea

Hand and Footprint Pictures as they Grow (Can couple with a picture representative of each hand and/or footprint)

This was a great example of using creative hand and footprints, but I would slightly modify by combining these with pictures.  At the ‘root’ of each plant, I would add a small picture when the prints were taken.  I picture a wall of my baby’s room with monthly or quarterly prints just like this.  But even without the pictures I love the idea.  It’s another one that, with a very understanding older child, could even be continued yearly until they graduate high school.  Just a thought.

hand and footprint progressive baby photo and craft idea

There are so many ideas out there, but this should give you a good start on working on your own progressive photo ideas.  If you have an idea I haven’t listed here then please share with our readers.  Thanks!


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