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Creative Baby Shower Food Ideas

Not too long ago I was on Pinterest and saw a very creative idea for a baby shower.  Someone had carved a watermelon to mimic a bassinet with a baby inside (one of the pictures below).  That got me thinking about what other creative ideas for baby shower food might be out there.  So after lots of searching I’ve compiled a list of some of the most creative baby shower food ideas, and food art, the web has to offer.  Enjoy!

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And you can find these baby shower albums on iTunes:

Baby Shower Songs by The Hit Crew

Baby Love – Songs for Your Baby Shower – by Jukebox Envy

Baby Shower Music by Baby Shower Maestro

Country Baby Shower Collection

Baby Shower Party Music by The Hit Crew

Muppet Baby Shower Food Ideas

From the creative genius over on

Intricate Baby Shower Cupcakes Design

From the creative mind of

Pea in a pod baby shower cake

This and othe examples over on

creative pea in a pod baby shower cake







Bun in the oven baby shower cupcakes

Find it over on



Marzipan Baby Shower Cookies




Hershey Bar for Boy Or Girl (or both)

Blue for a boy’s baby shower, pink for a girl’s.  Or do both if you don’t know!

hershey bar he she blue or pink baby shower idea

Muppet Cupcakes for Baby Shower

Beaker source:

Other cupcakes found from

 Watermelon Carved as Baby Stroller

Watermelon Fruit Basket With Baby in the Stroller


 Rubber Duck Punch Bowl

From the creative mind of TidyMom.  Find directions and all sorts of great ideas over on 

 Pigs…I Mean Babies in a Blanket

Found over on

Pacifier Cupcakes

Various Animal Cupcakes

 Hardboiled Egg Baby Carriages / Buggy

Another of my favorites, found over on

 Monogrammed Cookies


Simple and easy, but would still be a talking point at the shower.

 Reusing Baby Food Jars to Serve Food

Check out

 Baby Shower Rattle Cake and Cupcakes

Found over here, with other great ideas.

Almost all of the pics above are linked back to the source where I found them.  If you know who’s responsible for a couple of the other pics then please let me know as a couple of them I couldn’t find the source.  If you have any other creative ideas I encourage you to share them below.  Thanks!

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24 Responses to “Creative Baby Shower Food Ideas”

  1. Katrina Perkey says:

    These ideas are so wonderful! I’m going to try and make the Kermit fruit and vegi tray. I also love the rubber duck punch. Please let me know if you find the source so I can get the recipe.

  2. michelle says:

    What is the baby’s head made of in the watermelon bassinet?

  3. Narelle says:

    Hi there
    What did you use to put the faces on the babies in a blanket?

  4. Marvelousss..all the ideas are out of the world.I really want to try that boiled egg carriers.

  5. Tracie Williams says:

    What is being used as the rattle handle in the rattler cupcakes?

  6. Perri says:

    would love to get the recipe for Rubber ducky punch bowl.

  7. Beverly Harvey says:

    Giving my first baby shower for my grnddaughter. I want it to be very special. I would love to make the Rubber Duck Punch Bowl and the Hardboiled egg baby buggy. Pleas he me. Thanks bj

  8. CatherineB says:

    I was wondering if you could give me a link to make the Watermelon Fruit Basket with the baby in the stroller please? Thanks!!

  9. Mrs. Porchia says:

    How do you make Rubber Duck Punch Bowl-Punch? I have made punch kind of like that with ice-cream but that don’t look like ice-cream to me, please send me directions if there is anyone out there that know. Thanks

  10. Denise says:

    There are also edible ink pens available – check Amazon for a range of colors, point-sizes, and costs. :) There a bit easier than a toothpick and foodcoloring, and worth the price if you are into decorating and entertaining.

  11. Denise says:

    I think I am going to try the baby carriage eggs – but make them deviled. The creamy filling should look like a fluffy yellow blanket. Will have to be careful – it’ll be easy to tear the hood off the buggy!


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